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Data Center it’s a mixing of IT and engineering technologies is not limited to IT we also need civil, electrical and mechanic experience. We and our Partners providing strategic planning, Process and technology to ensure the best solution for you to implement your Data Center. We are using the best practice and the international standards to delivering effective and efficiency services
The core of any business is a network that provides the connectivity, performance and availability to the business demands for both data and voice. Connectivity for employees, partners, suppliers and customers. Performance for your critical applications. And availability that never fails to keep your business running. business network infrastructures to expand and cover data, voice, and video communications and applications
Today’s organizations are facing unprecedented security challenges. The exponential increase in the number of workers active on social media platforms, using mobile technologies both inside and outside the office, bring along new capabilities, but also new security threats. Platform’s experienced and certified security engineers design and develop comprehensive multi-layered security solutions for businesses’ critical ICT infrastructure.

Collaboration Solutions

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Platform is offering collaboration solutions that transform the traditional workplace into a productive workspace that moves with you. Collaboration solutions that provides richer collaboration experiences, increased productivity, and greater return on investment.
Collaboration Solutions:
• Unified Communications 
• Call Center
• Telepresence
• Digital Media Signage
• IP / TV
Provide and implement all kind of Cameras like IP, AHD Wire, Wireless, PTZ, thermal Cameras, Face recognition, LPR Camera with ANPR System and VMS. Professional Design with good quality and lowest cost. Provide and implement DVR’s and NVR’s that matching your system and your needs. Connecting your CCTV Sites by Towers with Local network or by Internet to reach your system any time anywhere. Integrating the CCTV system with Fire Alarm and any alarm or security system. Provide and implement Software for managing your system or analyzing your Data and Videos like CMS and any recognition systems.
High-availability networks need a solid foundation that spans the assortment of transmission media used by today mix of old and new technologies. Unless your transmission media plans include unshielded twisted-pair, optical-fiber and wireless technology, you face the hassle and the expense of continually upgrading your media systems, for current voice and data communications needs, as well as for future ones, too. Platform Structured Distribution Solution delivers a single transmission solution that can support all of your organization communication needs including services for voice, data, imaging and video both now and for a long time to come.